Why We Need a Break

Oct 07, 2022
A relaxed healthcare worker leaning back in his chair with hands behind his head on a yellow background.

There is a reason why this platform is called Breaking Out of the Medical Mindset and not stepping out of the medical mindset or peaking out of the medical mindset or hoping for a different mindset or dipping your toe into a new mindset. 

Doctors and healthcare professionals are entrenched in what we already know and in a system where we have thrived and succeeded. 

Herein lies the trap that keeps us there.  

Comfort.  Familiarity.  Experience.  Safety.  

We have built a solid foundation on these concepts and staying in our lane is how we have excelled through school and training.  

Up until now.  

It is hard to change.  

It is sooooo easy to stay the same.  

We have to shatter what shackles us.  

We must break out of settling for the easy and comfortable to create real change.


We could safely do the same thing until we die.  

For those who are blissfully happy and fulfilled and excited every day, why not continue?  

That is a blessing and a gift.  

What we all yearn for.



But for those who are not living their best life or not enjoying their best days, there are other options and opportunities. 


After almost 30 years in medicine, I share in BOOMM what I have learned and what has helped change how I think and act.  


All the breakthroughs that have transformed my situation from stress and frustration to excitement and possibility.  


The mission of BOOMM is to help, inspire, empower and free doctors and healthcare professionals from their current trap, hypnosis, imprisonment, struggle, frustration and hopelessness. To provide them breakthrough concepts and strategies to change their perspective, situation and lives.  


To ultimately transform what you think, the actions you take and who you can become.



BOOMM welcomes other platforms, podcasts, ideas, strategies that align with that mission. To see this struggle and crisis in a different way.


And take action with optimism, excitement and fuel for a better future.


That is why we need to break out of the medical mindset.To live and love your life and your future.

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