About Dr. Brett

Faced with the choice of staying stuck or creating change,

Brett opted to join different mastermind groups and communities to force growth, expansion, and new opportunities in his life.

Dr. Brett earns horizontal income as an investor in 2 businesses, real estate syndications in multifamily, self-storage, mobile home parks, real estate funds, and whole life insurance.

Brett is happier than ever and excited about his future. He wants the same for you.

With all the changes in his mindset, networks, and goals, Brett’s mission also changed. Having already freed himself from the medical mindset, he set out to help other physicians do the same. Leveraging his decade of experience alongside the highs and lows that came with it - Brett launched BOOMM to provide doctors with the resources he wished he had when he set out on his journey. 

BOOMM serves physicians not as a GPS or detailed roadmap to a graduation or degree or endpoint like in medical training, but rather as a compass - directionally guiding people with strategies, systems, and stories toward the life they truly want to live. Which is as different as we all are.

He’s excited to serve you on your journey.

Over time in these new communities with exposure to so many new concepts and countless conversations with new friends, Brett realized that the imbalance in his life was a result of his medical mindset. When outside, Brett was still applying the strategies that helped him succeed in medicine to all other areas of his life. It was precisely this medical mindset that was actually holding him back from the life he truly wanted.

With that realization, Brett made it his life’s mission to break out of the medical mindset to discover what more was possible for his future and life.  10 years after making that decision, Brett’s life has completely changed. 

Brett has been happily married since 2001 with three children. He attends most of his kids’ basketball, volleyball and soccer games.

He graduated magna cum laude from USC and in the AOA medical honor society of the University of Southern California School of Medicine.  He completed his training in Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. Since that time, he has treated over 130,000 patients in his career thus far.  

He is a partner and owner of his single specialty surgery group, Beach Cities ENTS outside of Los Angeles, California.

Break Out Of the Medical Mindset

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