Who Is On Your Team?

Apr 04, 2022
A team of healthcare professionals putting their hands together in unity on a yellow background.

I excelled in high school, college, med school, and residency.  All alone.  I worked as hard as I could.  I studied and achieved grades at the highest end of the bell curve again and again to become Cum Laude, AOA, and chief resident.  


My drive, focus, competitive nature, and independence served me well in medicine.  Information and resources from friends or teachers were secret weapons to be maximized, but not shared.  


Strategies were covert for my competitive edge and shared with a select few confidantes.


In medicine, I was trained to learn how to do everything and depend on no one.  That is a true sign of success… in medicine.  I never know when I will be sitting at the bedside of an emergency in the middle of the night with no one to ask for help.  


When I joined a philosophy group, my crises had propelled me to share my challenges publicly for the first time.  


When I joined my screenwriting group during my second job, I learned how to take criticism for fuel rather than failure.  


When I joined my first mastermind men’s group, I became more comfortable sharing my vulnerability for feedback and support.  


I learned that I did not have to tackle all of life on my own.  




Do you feel alone?



When I joined a mastermind group of real estate millionaires, I discovered many other ideas, tools, skills, and the value of a network.


Rather than surrounding myself with complaints, cynicism, and negativity in the doctor’s dining room, I chose to surround myself with people I could learn from and feel energized by. 


Now in several mastermind groups, my tribes have taught me so much.  I learned how to calculate and track my net worth, passive income, and return on investments.  I have learned different ways of communicating with my kids that are win-wins.  My tribes provide me sounding boards for investment opportunities, negotiations and staff problems. 


When the world shut down and closed with the panic and chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were barraged with uncertainty and government programs, the PPP, SBA loans, and grants. 


I found support, input, and direction from my networks of mastermind groups, specialty academy, and friends.  I was educated and able to take action because of my relationships.


Through networks, I discovered friends who listen to me without judgment.  A network where I can share my challenges in a brave and safe space. I  get support, feedback, and options to move forward.



These communities and networks can change your life. 


They for sure have changed mine.


In medicine, we win through competition and independence.


BOOMM exists to teach you that life can be won and grown through relationships, support and the tribes of people we surround ourselves with.


My circle of friends have taught me, supported me and provided me knowledge, options and resources which may have taken me decades longer to discover on my own.


Do you do everything alone on your own?



I learned many of the concepts I share in BOOMM which are polar opposites from those which allowed me to succeed in medicine.  This stark contrast is the foundation of what is shared and taught in BOOMM.


I learned different questions to ask myself.  I discovered the value of asking for help.  I experienced the ease and power of networks and relationships when I hired a recruiting company to select our practice office manager or I needed an alternative formula to rewrite our partnership contract.


I became friends with real estate investors, operators, brokers, and leaders who educated me on due diligence and their good and bad experiences with investments or operators.  



Mastermind groups taught me in hours and years what would have taken me decades to learn and achieve on my own.


As I expanded my network and team, I expanded my life, my possibilities and my happiness. 


I evolved.


And so can you.


Jim Rohn famously said: We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.


Who’s on your team?

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