Nov 28, 2022
The image depicts a collection of silhouettes of human heads in profile view, arranged in rows and columns. Each silhouette appears to be made out of crumpled paper, and they vary in color across a spectrum from grayscale to vibrant hues. This visual might be interpreted as a representation of diversity and individuality in humanity, with the crumpled paper texture adding an element of complexity or depth to each profile, perhaps symbolizing the multifaceted nature of human personality and identity. The arrangement in a grid could suggest the idea of society or a community where each individual, despite their unique traits, forms part of a larger collective.



No matter who is in our worlds, work, and home.  

I have discovered the person I hear the most is in my head.


I’m not sure if my inner conversations were planted by 

my mom, 


teachers, or 



I heard them and reacted to them but rarely stepped back to consider them 

until more recently in life.


What is your self-talk?


Who are you listening to?

We need to ask ourselves what those inner conversations say.  

What does your fear say?



Record your inner conversations.

Use your voice memos on your phone.

Journal them.


Then ask yourself these questions:

Is it true?

What is the evidence that they are false?

Do your conversations excite you to expand and grow?  

Do they paralyze you in fear? 

Are they what you would say to someone you love?

Rather than listen to your self talk replay over and over and over again.


BOOMM Strategies:

1. Seek other voices to listen to that help you feel stronger and better

2. Find better questions to ask

3. Take different actions from what you repeatedly do.


Our world today overflows with voices and conversations.

But you can choose who speaks to you.

And who matches the future you dream of.


Podcasts allow you to listen in on conversations outside your daily life.


Videos enter your home, office, or phone to teach you and inspire you.


Courses hold your hand through new education and actions.


Mastermind groups create communities for vulnerability, support,


and growth.


Coaching helps you create your unique vision and demolish the roadblocks in your life.

Isn’t it time you listened to someone new for a change?


Because change is what BOOMM is all about!


Breaking Out of the Medical Mindset will continue to expand our website with options to explore and discover so you can break out of the same conversations in your head and listen to new voices, ideas, and opportunities for your life.


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