What is your PLAN B?

Oct 31, 2022
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What is your PLAN B?

We all know Plan A too well. 

Excel in high school with exceptional grades and test scores, charitable work, clubs and impressive essays.

Earn acceptance into a university and achieve stellar grades, activities, research, and experiences.

Rank at the top of your med school or nursing or therapy or dental school with amazing letters of recommendation and externships.

Match in a residency that provides top-notch training and credentials

Sign a contract for a job where you provide your expert knowledge, skills and experience for a fair income and benefits package.  

This is often a fulfilling life of purpose with a reliable, stable income.  

That is a solid plan for many. 


 If you are happy, fulfilled and love your life, you are living a dream come true.  Congratulations!!



Some are not.  

Some are stuck in Plan A 

Even though they deeply wish they knew of other options.

Plan B, C, D…  to Z


Some yearn for something different.  

Do you?


BOOMM was created to awaken you to an unknown reality.

There is so much more out there beyond the life you are living.


What else is there beyond Plan A?


B.  Leave employment and join a private practice.

C.  Start your own practice.

D.  Choose a non-clinical job in medicine.

E.  Invest your savings in other streams of income to work less in medicine.

F.  Join a mastermind group or network.

G.  Start your own side gig.

H.  Move to where your cost of living is cheaper, your income is higher, or both.

I.  Hire a coach.


There are many alternative strategies, careers and lives to live.

But first, you must crack that door open to the possibility of more.

Second, you must accept the harsh reality that you don’t have to live the life you’re living.

Third, you should meet people who live lives differently from yours.

Forth, you must learn other ways to earn money, spend your time and think.

Fifth, you must break out of your medical mindset.

Crack that door open a little to discover an entirely new world beyond your day.


We have added podcasts for you to explore other options and plans for your future on the website.




Listen to different podcasts and see who speaks to you.





BOOMM is here to not only crack the door open a little bit but to help you feel that gust that flings that door wide open so you can soar into a better life tomorrow.

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