To Compare Leads to Despair

claim power discomfort gratitude self-image Oct 10, 2022

When you compare yourself to someone else,

Your mindset becomes deflating, depressing, and dejected.


Sean Stephenson taught me that: To compare leads to despair.  

He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and lived a life in a wheelchair at 3 feet tall with fragile bones that broke repeatedly.


BOOMM is the polar opposite of despair.


Breaking Out of the Medical Mindset is pulverizing the measuring sticks of comparison and building bridges to a better future.



Scroll through your Instagram and Facebook.


How does that make you feel?



I wish I was on a boat in the Mediterranean without a care in the world.  

I wish I owned 2000 doors with tenants who all paid on time and mortgages that were dwindling with low interest rates.  

I wish I was financially free and chose freely how to spend all my time.  


Oh, the joys of social media.


What if we flipped the switch?

Instead of why them and not me…


What if we asked ourselves, what is possible? 


If they did it, why not me?


If I can do it, you can do it.


Congratulate others for their success.  

And learn from them.  

Collaborate with them.


Remember they are them and you are you.



We are all different.  

Starting in different places 

with different influences and obstacles. 

Different stories.

Different goals.

Different journeys.

Different dreams.


I try hard not to compare myself to you or them.  


The only comparison game we should play is with our past.  

With who we were and who we are.

Versus... who we want to be.


One step at a time.  

Get better, stronger, and more excited about what tomorrow will bring.  



The next time you ask yourself "Why?", replace it with "How?"


Buy a book and read it cover to cover and take action.  

Take a course and block out time in your schedule until you complete it.

Join a group and increase your network and opportunities.

This is how you change your mind, your life, and your future!




What do you think?

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