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Nov 14, 2022
The image shows a person wearing medical scrubs and a stethoscope, with a thoughtful expression, looking up at a lightbulb drawn above their head. This is a common visual metaphor for having an idea or a moment of inspiration. The healthcare attire suggests that this person may be a medical professional, and the lightbulb symbolizes a moment of clarity, innovation, or solution in a medical context. The yellow background provides a cheerful and bright atmosphere to the composition.

Since joining my Gobundance mastermind group, each year I choose a theme.  


In the past, my themes have been goal oriented such as Soar - financial freedom or I got this.  


This year after a year of coaching, 

I was inspired to share Breaking out of the medical mindset 

and the theme I chose was: 

Trust My Truth.



I chose for this to be my North Star, as Martha Beck says, or my magnet as I expand on in the BOOMM Course.  


I've made a lot of difficult choices in my life.  

To follow my truth.  

To trust who I am deep inside and what makes me happy. 


Here is my truth. 


My truth is that I was born to help people.  

This sparked my attraction to medicine as a teenager.  


I love learning and I love teaching.  

This is why I excelled at school.  


Like many of you, I believed the fairy tale that if I work hard and am good at what I do, life will give me back my dream come true.



But I have not always been willing to do WHATEVER I had to do to make it come true.  


Something inside of me always guided me to who I was and what made me happy.  This magnet did not always align with what would make me the most money or bullseye me to my goal with the precision and speed I yearned for.  


We all want a quick fix.  

We want a pill, an investment, a choice that will change everything to catapult us to what we want now with as little pain or discomfort as possible.  



Our new world of technology and social media feeds an addiction to instanity.  The insanity of instant – immediate gratification.


But the reason this never ever works is because of the pain and discomfort of change.  


And change is absolutely vital if we want something different from where we are.  


Who we are.  


BOOMM was created to help healthcare professionals who feel stuck and frustrated and want more from their lives and work, like me.  



I have had many dark times of crisis where I stood at a fork in the road, tortured between the comfortable path of more of the same or making a pivot into discomfort and different.  

I was making choices out of safety, fear or reasons that were not true to me and I knew it.

Until I made decisions that ultimately aligned with who I am or even more importantly, WHO I WANT TO BE.  


Who do YOU want to be?


This is where I began learning to trust my truth.  

I also began discovering more happiness.  


I chose to go to college and medical school on the other coast of the United States from where my family lived because the Florida humidity made me lazy and tired but the Los Angeles sun energizes me every day I woke up.  It felt right.  


I chose to not pursue plastic surgery after my fellowship in Beverly Hills because I wanted to help people feel better but my truth and personality did not align with what was required to compete in the world of cosmetic surgery today.  


I chose to not take a job at a hospital or HMO but instead formed my own private practice despite the learning curve, risk, and responsibility of being an entrepreneur because I wanted to live in Southern California and work with a staff I liked, patients I could choose to help and a schedule and culture that matched the way I wanted to practice medicine.  


I chose to join mastermind groups where I was the only doctor because the members represented who I wanted to be someday and what I wanted to learn.  



In order to enjoy your life,  you have to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT to live a happy and fulfilling life.  

You must know what will make your dreams come true.  


This knowledge of who you really are when you look in the mirror. and WHAT FEEDS YOU is the key to deciding what to say yes to and more importantly what to say no to.  


In the BOOMM course, the Mirror and Magnet exercise delivers YOU many questions on every sphere of your life to help you discover these answers.  




Perform a self-inventory in every aspect of your life - mental, physical, social, spiritual, professional,
and financial of who you are now and who you want to be.  

Once you know this, it will become easier to say no to the mindless
habits and shiny options and discover your "Hell Yes".  

THIS is the key that will help you build YOUR dream. 

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