The Difference Between Scarcity and Abundance

Sep 12, 2022


Fear is a dominant force in healthcare as we try to heal and help others.

Primum non nocere. First do no harm.

These words vibrate through my mind and soul every time I’m faced with a complication or in an unexpected situation in the operating room.

How can I help my patient without hurting her?

This ripples through our education and training on our eternal quest for perfection as we avoid any and all mistakes and we begin learning the risks to avoid. First avoid all risks and harm.

Fear drives so many decisions in medicine. We do not notice as it seeps its way into every decision we make. It is driving residents and fellows into employment rather than the risk of entrepreneurship and private practice. It keeps us stuck in jobs we dread or relationships where we are miserable.

How do you deal with fear?

Most of what we fear never happens. I remember that my thoughts are not real or not true. I come back to the present moment and what I can observe in front of me here and now.

But that is not enough.

Take action. Fear is conquered by action.

Vincent Van Gogh said:
If you hear a voice within you saying “you are not a painter” then by all means paint… and that voice will be silenced.

Relative to medicine, injury and death, most of our fears and risks are less than what we experience in our work every day. Compare the risk of what you want to do with what you know.
Ask yourself: Who am I hurting or not helping by not taking action?

Practice being uncomfortable. I get more comfortable being uncomfortable every time I push myself to do something even though it’s not easy and more of the same.

Brooke Castillo says: Discomfort is the currency of your dreams.

But the most vital question for me that has become my North Star is:
Who do I want to be?

I joined mastermind groups to face my fear. To share my dreams. To expose myself to concepts, strategies and ways of life I didn’t know that I didn’t know. But most importantly, I joined because I saw other men who had grabbed life by the balls and were loving their lives.

I thought to myself: I want to be like them.

And what I discovered changed my life.

I learned about leverage, taxes, delegation, scale, and mindset that pulverized my scarcity fears and opened up a world of abundance and possibility.

Kevin Hart says: Let yourself be driven by your will to succeed rather than your fear of not succeeding.

How do YOU take action despite fear?

With a Tribe of support, I discovered a safe space and people where I could be authentic and open. Where I could get feedback and support.

Everything YOU want is on the other side of fear.

What is your fear?
What move would be outside your comfort zone?
What fear must you face to move closer to living your dream?
What must you do today to live a life without regret?

I dreamed of investing in opportunities that provided me horizontal income where my money made me money without trading time for dollars.

I wanted to expand who I was beyond a doctor.

I wanted to create a new identity outside of surgery and patients where my team inspires, positivity prevails, and I’m excited about what we create.

Surrounding myself with a tribe of people who are committed to growth and live lives that I want to live helps me discover a new normal.

They protect me from a scarcity mentality of fear and paralysis
by sharing support, vulnerability, education, connections, opportunities, resources, and most importantly a mindset of

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