Shatter the lie: I am just a… doctor... nurse... dentist...

Feb 06, 2023
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Shatter the lie: I am just a… doctor... nurse... dentist...

4 Strategies to prove the lie wrong.

February 6th, 2023 Written by Brett Levine MD

Shatter the lie.

That keeps us stuck.

Keeps us cemented in the same place to live the same day over and over again.

What is the lie?

The only thing I am good at or can do is my job.

This is what the voice in our head says.

But I want to help you prove it wrong.


Here are 4 reasons why.


Breaking out of the medical mindset of being an expert.  Whether it is true or not.  Pretending to know it all. To have all the answers. To translate my expertise in medicine to every other area of life.  To know it all.

If there is something that is true for many of us, we have excelled in healthcare because we are excellent students.  So why not double down on who we are and embrace our truth while allowing this to free us from the mandate of being the ubiquitous expert everywhere in our lives.  Instead, I can be an eternal student.  Someone who wants to learn more.  And does.



Outside of medicine, we lie to ourselves that we could possibly go from nothing to perfection in one fell swoop.  To go from zero to expert took me many, many years of sacrifice, investment, learning, growing and transforming from who I was at 17 to who I am now at 58.  

It took more than 10 years in medicine to declare myself an expert to my patients so it is foolish to believe that I can achieve this level of expertise in every other aspect of my life with 1 book, 1 course or 1 investment.


How to be a better father.

How to be a better husband.  

How to be a better tennis player.  

How to be a better real estate investor.  

How to be a better entrepreneur.  

How to create better experiences to celebrate my life.


We all have many more roles than our job.  All these roles are valuable to ourselves, others and the world.  During our institutionalization within medicine, we prioritize our career over everything else to survive and excel.  But when we see the light of choice at the end of the tunnel of training, we can decide how much we want to continue suffocating the other roles of our lives and how much we want to explore and expand them.


Every day we have a choice.



My exposure and experience to my mastermind groups have shown me other ways people live their lives.  Other ways they grow their lives and enjoy their lives.  These opportunities have woken me out of the trance from my training and my work addiction to dream and create a life that I love. 


You deserve to love your life.


As I have expanded my life beyond medicine, I experience the gift that I transform from my past self to my future self which is more than a doctor. 


I am less suffocated by the challenges in healthcare because I enjoy my life more.  With this, I have discovered that I enjoy medicine more.


 You are more than a doctor, nurse, dentist, therapist, or what you do.  

What are the lies and myths you believe? 

Let us know.

How can you shatter them? 

Please share your thoughts and successes.

Prove the lie wrong.

You’ve done it before.

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