Secrets to Maximize the Value of a Conference: Part 1

change conference questions secrets value Mar 13, 2023

Secrets to Maximize the Value of a Conference Part 

March 13th, 2023 by Brett Levine, MD


Last fall, I attended the Passive Income MD Conference and met many other doctors who want something more from their lives.


How do we prevent from everything staying the same and nothing happening?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.



Brandon Turner from Bigger Pockets spoke and told us that: 

People apply their current mindset to their other goals.

I believe he’s right.


We have succeeded to get where we are by 

learning a mindset and strategies that has enabled us to win.

Our medical mindset tells us to

remove all risk, 

control everything, 

avoid conflict, 

focus on our work and our patients at the expense of our own sanity and health and families, 

give people what they want and need whether or not it matches with what WE want and need, 

move from 1 goal to the next, 

always say YES, 

see any mistakes as a weakness that must be avoided,

only speak or take action when we know the answer,

stay in our lane of medicine and work harder and longer with our heads down hoping something will change, 

alone and on our own,


That got us here to success in medicine.


How’s that working for you now?


I want change.

Before I can change my situation, 

I had to change the habits that got me here

if I want to advance from here!  


That is why you are here.


As I spoke with so many doctors over days at the conference,

I heard similar doubts, fears and struggles that we all face.


I want to share with you 


10 secrets and 

10 questions


That has helped me to break out of my medical mindset


So you can expand your thinking 

to expand your life, your net worth, and your freedom


1. SECRET 1 = The pain you feel now has a purpose.

It had to wake you up out of the hypnosis 

of comfort and more of the same.  

Burnout is a RADICAL AWAKENING for change.


Do you feel stuck?

Are you happy?


2. I didn’t know another way because everyone I knew did the same thing.

Everyone I knew did what I was doing.


So I realized I had to change who I know.    

That is why you are here.

I was stuck in a network of people, ideas and strategies from my past but I wanted to change my present to create a different future.

But how can I do that when everyone I know is what got me here and keeps me here?


SECRET 2 = Choose your network that matches your future rather than your past.

Surround yourself with people who already have what you want.

Mindset is contagious.  

You caught it before and you can catch it again but something different, something better for who you have become.


I found people who were happier than me – 

freer than me – 

had more opportunities than me – 

were having more fun than me- 

had much higher net worth than me and 

I caught it and learned it and live it and give it to YOU



Who do you know that lives the future you dream of?

We are not talking about patients or medicine here

We are here to discuss your life

SECRET 3 = Life is not medicine

It’s not cookie cutter.  

It’s as unique as you.


It’s not harder than medicine.

You’ve already done something much harder, learned more, and risked more time and money than any investment you will probably ever make.


Remember who you are:

  • Driven 
  • Ambitious 
  • Focused 
  • Resilient 
  • Hardworking  
  • Brilliant 


Look at what you’ve accomplished! (diplomas, board certifications, graduations)

Celebrate where you have been.

Have you celebrated what you have accomplished?


Define that as your past.

Do not limit yourself to your past.


What do you want?


4. I know what you are thinking.  

I thought it too.  I think it too.

Leticia has 200 doors and she is financially free and having fun.

I am not her or them.  




We are all different and thank GOD.  

One of them is enough.   


WE have different lives, goals, dreams and what makes us happy.  

You really don’t want to be them.  

We tend to see the things we want and imagine it’s the life we want but many of those people don’t even have the lives they want.


If you were given the choice of their childhood, parents, marriages, bodies, inner conversations and fears 

or your own,

most of us would choose our own.


Give yourself grace.


Write this down:  

SECRET 4 = Stop torturing yourself.


Sean Stephenson said Compare leads to despair.

Do not compare yourself to the others around you.


Syndicators work in real estate full time all day for years or decades.

You have a full time job or a part time job.


Instead, I want you to compare yourself to who you were in your past and who you dream of being in your future.


I want you to create your own unique life that you love.


What do you dream?


5. I wanted change so bad I could taste it.

I changed where I worked from NJ to CA.

I changed from being an employee to starting my own practice.

I changed running around from 3 offices and 6 hospitals to 1 office and 2 hospitals.

But all those changes were not enough.


I learned


SECRET 5 = If I want to change my life, 

I must change my mind.

I have to make different decisions.

I have to think a different way.

I must change. 


Not the system. 

Not my boss.  

Not my job. 



I had to learn TO LET GO OF CONDITIONING FROM DECADES OF SUCCESS in the institutions of our educational and healthcare systems.  


Stretch yourself. 

Do 1 thing every week or every day that makes you a little uncomfortable.  

  1. Drive a different way to work.  
  2. Be vulnerable and share with someone you trust something they don’t know about you or a challenge you are grappling with.
  3. Do something where you are not perfect yet or not certain you will get an A.


How can you stretch yourself today?

Which secrests spoke the most to you?
What is your answer to the questions?

Check back next week as we unpack the next 5 Secrets to Maximize the Value of a Conference. 


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