How my Greatest Strengths Became my Greatest Weakness

Feb 13, 2023
In the image, there's a woman standing with her arms crossed, smiling confidently in front of a red background. Behind her, there's a white line drawing of muscular arms flexed in a 'strongman' pose, suggesting that she is powerful or has achieved something significant. The image conveys a message of empowerment, strength, and success.

How my greatest strengths became my greatest weakness

February 13th, 2023 by Brett Levine MD


We all dedicate an enormous amount of time to our education, training and careers in medicine.

We learn a new language, skills, systems and experience in our niches over decades.

Our vast knowledge and expertise create a comfortable space of knowing and control that we thrive on within medicine.


We can also become addicted to who we are and limit ourselves from who we can become.


I feel most secure when it’s my way or the highway because it is known but that strength of knowing also keeps me stuck and prevents alternatives.

That mindset limits us from discovering what we don’t even know that we don’t know.


Our strengths can become our religion,

our reasons,

our excuses,

our crutches,

our barriers,

our blind spots and

our limits.

Sometimes what we call our strengths become our habits, our false sage as well as our inner critic that is ego based and causes worry and fear for anything different and paralysis from exploration and growth.


Over time,

our careers and lives in medicine can also become a safe room

where we hide like turtles in our shells and

miss out on other opportunities in life.


Breaking Out of Our Medical Mindset

Encourages you to stop hiding behind your strengths and

Repeating what you always do and is safely what others expect.


I have discovered that when I stop hiding behind my strengths and what I do comfortably and repeatedly,

I can explore what excites me

that represents the growth I yearn for.


Every stage in medicine

we began again with a clean slate

As we were excited to learn, grow and expand our lives in


med school,




Every day we wake up,

we are blessed

with countless choices of what we dream for today and tomorrow.


Fall back in love with your dreams.

Never stop growing and expanding.


Do not let your strengths become a limitation for your future.


Allow your strengths to be a solid foundation for your exploration and expansion into your future.

Where would you like to grow if you were guaranteed to succeed?

What do you dream for tomorrow?

Let us know here so we can help you get there.

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