Hey Doc, What is your water?

Jun 13, 2022
A doctor pouring water from a bottle into a glass on a yellow background.

Two young goldfish are swimming along one morning.  

They happen to pass an older goldfish swimming the other way.  The older fish waves a fin at them and says, 

“Morning boys, how’s the water?”


As the old fish swims away, one of the younger fish looks at the other one and asks, 

“What is water?”

When we get completely comfortable with our surroundings, we stop being aware of them.  

We accept them so deeply and fully that we don’t appreciate that we have chosen and accepted this world.  


We forget that there is an entire world out there which is different and possible that we don’t even know.


I don't know who discovered water but it probably wasn't a fish.


You can't see beyond all you know.

You don't know what you don't know.


You’ve been swimming in the same water of medicine for over a decade or even many decades.  We do what we are trained to do and we are unaware of any better alternatives.



You may not realize how different other lives can be.  Or what YOUR life can be.  


And before you can change your life, you must change your mind.


Your medical mindset has succeeded for you to get where you are right now.  It’s crazy to consider changing it.  Right?


But I discovered that this medical mindset of success can also keep you and me prisoner.



I know investors who receive thousands of dollars each month from their money making them money.


I see entrepreneurs leverage their networks, talent and systems to create value and businesses that change and improve lives without trading every dollar for every hour of their lives as doctors do.


I have friends in mastermind groups who set big hairy audacious goals and take steps to expand what they can do and who they can become.


Guess what?


These people are doctors like me and you.


They are happy, having fun and excited about their future.

That can be YOU!


There's a much bigger world out there and a much bigger ocean to swim in.  


We don't know what we don't know.




Your life can get BETTER.


Are you ready to jump from your fishbowl and explore bigger waters?

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