Do you love yourself enough to live a life you love

Sep 05, 2022
A nurse in scrubs with a headache or in distress on a yellow background.

As hard driving, highly responsible, workhorse healers, healthcare professionals make life changing decisions every day.

These choices are not only to cure infections and end pain and suffering for our patients but equally choices that affect our own lives.  


Do you make the right life changing decisions for your own life?


In medicine, it is expected and applauded when we sacrifice ourselves for others.  That is the definition of a healer and leader.  We sacrifice what’s best for our own health and sanity to provide our best for others.


But repeatedly over time, this comes at a cost.


Since med school and residency, I have eaten many meals in less than five minutes.  

I have held my urine for as many hours as I need to until it is convenient for me to stop my optimal productivity.

I have restrained tears when my patient tells me of someone they loved and lost.

I have lost my patience with my wife because I simply had no patience to spare. 


Once I broke out of this medical mindset and recovered from my work addiction, I discovered the value of placing the oxygen mask on me first so I can better model and serve others.



I remember how critical it is to fill my own bucket and replenish my reserves so that I can enjoy this blessing of life 

I’m reminded of by my patients every day. 

And that has made me a better human and healer.


Are you filling your bucket more than you are emptying it?


Do you love yourself enough …


To sleep enough until you are rested?

To exercise and keep your body strong?

To feed your body well with healthy choices?

To make a mistake, learn and let it go?  

To laugh and have fun as hard as you work?

To feed your soul with what fuels you and excites you to be alive?


What would it take for you to love yourself as much as others do?



Philip McKernan says

When we shut ourselves off from our soul’s desires… 

we don’t just lose the ability to hear ourselves, 

we lose the ability to heal ourselves.


For us to save ourselves and be optimal to help others, we must listen to what we need and love ourselves enough to feed ourselves.


We get what we accept for ourselves.  


We receive what we believe we deserve.


I believe that we all deserve a life of our dreams.

Our children, patients and friends will thank us for what we can give when we love ourselves enough to share this secret.


Do you love yourself enough to live a life you love?

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