Do You Ever Think About What You Think About?

Aug 15, 2022
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We all have that inner voice that speaks to us in silence.
Whether it sounds like our mom or dad.
A mentor or coach.
Or even someone we can’t stand but can’t let go of.

We need to check our self-talk.
We need to think about what we think about.

I love being a dad. It is my favorite role in life. I now have 3 teenagers which is definitely the most challenging phase so far. But I remain grateful for the gifts this time gives me to remember how high school and hormones suck.

I love my kids deeply. It kills me when they share what is going on in their heads or their hearts and I hear how hard they are on themselves. I want them to love themselves as deeply and unconditionally as I love them. I want them to know and remember that this will pass and life will get better.

But we can all hold up a mirror and shine the light back on ourselves.

Do you ever think about what you are thinking?

Do you speak as lovingly to yourself in your head as you do to your child?

What do YOU say to yourself in silence alone?

Please Reply Here and Tell us.
We want to know.
We are on your side.
We want to help.

Are you as loving and supportive to yourself as someone who loves you?

Breaking Out of the Medical Mindset is here to be the opposite of all those critical, judgmental, condescending voices in your head.
We believe in you and your dreams.
We want to life you up.
We want you to love your life.

The average person has 75,000 thoughts every day and 91% are exactly the same as the day before!!

It is time to break out of your habits and make a change.
We can change bad habits by replacing them with better habits.

Begin a practice to pause and stop thinking and simply connect to your senses and breathe as you let your thoughts float away like clouds.

Focus on your gratitude. What you are happy about. What you are thankful for.

Dream. Think about what you are excited about. What future pulls you toward it.

Ed Mylett says:
If you want real change, you must first change what you are thinking about because your subconscious thoughts are always trying to prove you right.

It is time to love yourself as much as you love someone else and feed and fuel yourself as much as you feed and fuel others.

This all begins by being conscious and intentional and making a choice that will change today and change life.

BOOMM is here to support you and propel you into a better future.

Are you ready?

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