BOOMM Book Recommendation: Who not How by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy

Feb 27, 2023
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There are so many highlights in this book that resonate with not doing everything alone and on your own and learning the value and power of leverage.

I want to share with you the GOLD that inspires me.  

And hopefully you.



As a doctor through premed, med school, residency and starting my own practice -

I had to learn HOW
how to be a doctor, 
how to treat ENT problems, 
how to perform surgery, 
how to write a policy and procedure manual, 
how to do payroll and inventory
how to hire and train my staff.  
How to create my website.  
How to reconcile the income and expenses in quickbooks, 
How to form a medical group 
How to negotiate contracts with insurance companies and doctors
and on and on and on

Learning and doing all the HOW’s is Linear
Limits US to OUR own knowledge and capabilities
Requires OUR time and attention
Constrained by US
Decreases OUR freedom

When I ask myself “How?” 
I have to be the one to find out where to learn it
I have to be the one to actually learn how to do it 
I have to be the one to use my time and my life to do it

In the beginning the HOWs are necessary 

I started my own medical practice from nothing.
I introduced myself door to door and gave talks.
I began with 1 staff and a few patients. 
I was the doctor, office manager, marketer, every role needed
This is how doctors excel in our institutionalized training – alone and on our own – needing no one – being self-sufficient.

Before I learned and really understood the concept of leverage, I had a never-ending list of things to do.
Because …
no one could do it as good as me
I could not trust anyone as much as myself


Do you think that YOU must be the one to put in the blood, sweat, and tears, 
YOU must bear the whole load to accomplish your goals?



When you are focused on doing everything yourself, 

you are dramatically limiting the resources 

you can direct toward the goals that matter most to you.  


If your resources are limited, 

your potential, your options, and your future are limited too.

You become stuck.

Wanting change.  Yearning for something different.

And living the same day, month, and year.  


Over and over again.


In school, getting help from others is cheating.

In business and life, getting help is collaborating.




HOW - requires YOUR time and attention.

WHO - requires someone else’s time and attention.



Do you have Who’s in your life 

that could give you experience, resources, and ability 

beyond what you could do alone?


Are you keeping your goals so small 

to make them easier to accomplish 

on your own?


I have learned that 

I must stop myself from

figuring out HOW, 

knowing HOW or 

caring HOW.  

My only concern is that it gets done!


Learning the concept of leverage and implementing it, 
I now have a:

  • Bookkeeper who reconciles my quickbooks, income and expenses, rent roll and mortgage payments, etc.
  • Office Manager who hires, trains, fires, and deals with office issues and difficult patients
  • Wife and Partner who shops for me and enjoys making our travel plans
  • Turnkey operators that locate my rental properties, renovate them, and lease them and manage the tenants for me


Initially, I saw these WHOs as expenses 

my scarcity mindset told me I could save money 

by doing all these jobs myself.  

And I did save money 

but I also exhausted my time and 

wasted my optimal productivity.

Because we all have a limited amount of time and attention.



HOW is transactional

The more decisions you make, 

the lower the quality of those decisions.

We are rewarded in life by the results we produce, 

not the effort, time, torture or exhaustion we put in.

There is no reward for how much we suffer or torture ourselves.



Do you torture yourself by trying to do everything?



Doctors have a lot to learn from this.


Now I see these WHOs 

not as a cost, 

not an expense


I see WHOs as 

  • Leverage
  • Delegation
  • Teamwork
  • Investment 
  • and Freedom


When aligned within your vision 

WHOs are never a cost.  

They are NOT transactional

They are transformational

They are an investment where you receive a return on your time, money and freedom!


I now understand that these WHOs free up my time and allow me to elevate my vision and

Allow me to invest in myself and my future.



I recommend this book, Who not How,

To help you shift your mindset from “how” to “who”


We have to Stop asking ourselves:

How can I do this?



I want you to ask a different question:

WHO can help me do this?

WHO can achieve this goal for me?

WHO can make this happen?




Focuses on WHO - not HOW



WHO is 

  • About utilizing relationships and being transformed by them
  • Immediately connects you to different knowledge, capabilities, experience, connections and resources
  • Is not limited by you
  • About getting results as effectively as possible
  • Frees up hundreds of your hours to spend in better ways
  • Avoids decision fatigue
  • Expands your vision for what is possible because you have the leverage of a team
  • Someone who loves doing the things you can’t or don’t want to do!
  • Instantaneous
  • Non-linear 
  • Exponential


Every time I encounter a roadblock, 

I need a WHO,  to a HOW.


I now recognize that:

  1. Other people are capable enough to handle many of my HOWS
  2. Our efforts should be focused on our greatest passion and impact so we can maximize our flow and creativity


When I focus on Who over How

I am no longer be distracted with nonproductive activities.



I can be more motivated, 

more focused, 

more committed.

to doing things better and smarter, 

instead of working so hard for the rest of my life.





Time is finite.  

We all have 24 hours. 

No matter our net worth 

No matter our income 

No matter our jobs

I tell people they have cancer.

I see patients of all decades with serious life-threatening problems.

Every day they remind me that

We should live every single day like it were our last.

No, I don’t want to work this hard for the rest of my life.

In fact, I don’t work as hard as I did 6 years ago.

I do more of what I choose.

If you want increased freedom in your life, 

you simply can’t do all the HOWs.

You can free up more of your time 

by delegating or outsourcing many of the HOWS 

to partners or technology.


Free yourself up 

Allow yourself more time for your most high-value activities – 

dollar productive, 


goal achieving

The right WHO is always ready and waiting.

All you need to do is express your vision clearly.

 I suggest you write down WHO you need.

WHO can help you achieve your goals.

And make it a point to connect with those people.

Breaking Out of the Medical Mindset serves to help you expand who you are.

What got us here won’t get us where we want to be.

WHO is waiting to change your life?

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