All or Nothing?

May 16, 2022
Two fists bound by rope with ends frayed, signifying breaking free, against a yellow background.

My drive and laser focus enabled me to climb to the upper end of the bell curve in premed and overcome my competition in med school and give 200% in residency as I devoted all of my life to my pursuit of medicine to succeed, which I did.  


This medical mindset left nothing or very little for dating, relationships, adventures or even hobbies but I justified those choices for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of a secure profession and income with a fulfilling purpose where I changed lives.


Much of that came true. 


I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 


The gold at the end of the rainbow was disappearing as our government, insurance companies and hospitals had a mission to devalue the work and time of doctors.

I was able to change lives and feel fulfilled but was surprised to discover how many patients expected me to become Houdini in knowing their history, medications, and surgeries when they did not know.  Or superman when it came to their care and expectations when they did not follow my instructions and care plan. 


But my biggest surprise was that the ever increasing administrative burden to meet the data collection of our government and insurance carriers for ever reducing rates and increasing delays in payment required more and more of me simply to be paid.  

Add to that, the corporatization and Kaiserization of medicine swallowing up the private practices diverted relationships and referrals to algorithms within health systems as if all doctors are the same.


All doctors are not the same.


I discovered if I committed all of myself to survival in medicine for several more decades there would be nothing left but ashes from burnout.


That is how I was forced to search beyond my medical habits and narrow my focus to resuscitate my fire with oxygen from sources outside of medicine and pivot from all or nothing.  


What I discovered were people…

Who valued freedom as much as work.  

Who measured growth as much as sweat and exhaustion.  Who supported each other to expand rather than do it on their own, all alone


I unearthed a world of endless possibilities that allowed me to exhale my suffocation and inhale a new mindset, new network and new actions for a new life.


Breaking out of the medical mindset filled the void where I teetered with my all or nothing medical mindset at the edge of a cliff of despair.


BOOMM became a bridge to the other side of this Grand Canyon of my goals for mental, personal, spiritual and financial freedom and expansion.  


BOOMM enabled and empowered me to join mastermind groups, invest in real estate, and transform my life and identity after I discarded my all or nothing mantra.


Because what got you here won’t get you there.

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