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BOOMM Unit 3.0 | Disrupt Your Thinking

What's Included:

  • The BOOMM Unit 3.0

  • The BOOMM Playbook
    (70 downloadable tools)

  • Lifetime Access

The Unit:

(8 breakthrough modules)
With the foundation for your transformation in place, this section is designed to shine a light on all areas of your medical mindset that are holding you back. Your beliefs will be challenged, your patterns will be disrupted, and the switch inside you that is yearning for real change will truly be flipped. 

  • Increase the gratitude and celebration in your day
  • Let go of control and gain freedom
  • Learn to say no so you can discover your HELL YES
  • Understand that problems force us to change
  • Set yourself free to make a mistake outside of medicine and learn
  • Ask better questions more than needing to know every answer
  • Discover all the choices you have every day
  • Welcome discomfort and face your fear for the excitement of the other side