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BOOMM Unit 5.0 | Understand Money

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  • The BOOMM Unit 5.0

  • The BOOMM Playbook
    (70 downloadable tools)

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The Unit:

(5 breakthrough modules)
Healthcare professionals often benefit from high salaries, but that salary is dependent on us showing up everyday. In this section, you’ll learn about tax strategies, horizontal income, investing, and the velocity of money - with each section providing the tactical and actionable tools you need to create lasting wealth.

  • Comprehend the difference between assets and liabilities
  • Understand the tax quadrants
  • Take action to lower your tax burden
  • Begin steps to empower your money to make you money
  • Take advantage of the many benefits of real estate for wealth creation
  • Learn about Cash out refi’s, 1031 exchange, REPS
  • Increase the speed of growth of your money and net worth