Are you sick and tired of surviving?
Do you want your life to be different next year than today?
Do you want to work this hard for the rest of your life?

Are you a lone wolf?
Do you want to make your money work harder than you do?
Do you want to learn tactics to decrease your taxes and invest your savings?
Do you need a change?
What are you waiting for?

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BOOMM will provide you the mindset, tools and tactics to change your life.

The BOOMM Unit 1.0

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Break Out of the Doc Box - Why and How You Change

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The BOOMM Unit 2.0 

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Self-Inventory, Visioning, Creating Time and Space

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The BOOMM Unit 3.0

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Disrupting Your Thinking - 8 Strategies


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The BOOMM Unit 4.0 

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Expanding Your Identity - Learning the Growth Mindset as an Eternal Student and Realizing You are More than What You Do

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The BOOMM Unit 5.0

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Money, Taxes, Horizontal Income, Real Estate and Velocity

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The BOOMM Unit 6.0

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Leveraging Relationships - Networking, Teamwork and Tribes

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Healthcare professionals are under attack by an invisible enemy. 

And no, I’m not talking about a virus… I’m talking about the institutions of healthcare whose mission is to decrease the cost of healthcare while increasing their own profits as they control and devalue physicians and healthcare providers to assembly line workers.  

Ironically, what kept me working harder and doing more of the same thing for so long was my success and my mindset.

Your medical mindset is the very reason you are reading this short page. It’s the very reason you are responsible for so much success. But that success - academic degrees, certifications, happy patients, saved lives, and devoted service - has come at a steep cost.

Think back to when you were in school. For years, you studied and trained tirelessly to be the healthcare professional that everyone could depend on. But along the way, we developed many habits that were necessary to compete and win… Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Staying silent rather than giving the wrong answer
  • Never asking for help
  • Feeling like you always need to be in control 
  • Doing everything alone by yourself

We transferred these habits (and many more) from school and training into our work and lives until ultimately these habits became part of the fabric of our being. 

So if you feel burnt out, stuck, or under-appreciated - I need you to realize that these feelings are not because “you are so busy.” These feelings exist because our medical mindset has wired us this way to perform at a higher level, never say no and accept and expect perfection.

I’ve spent decades reading books, joining countless groups, watching videos and listening to daily podcasts in search of an answer to one singular question:

What can you change to live the life you truly want to live?

8 years ago, I found the answer to my question. And every single day since - I have walked the path toward the life I truly want to live.  AND LOVE. 

My path has led me to an incredible marriage, boundless energy, radiating happiness, and a net worth that is 2.5X what it used to be. 

You don’t need to wait 30 years to change your life.

But before you can change your life, you have to change the way you think.You have to break out of the medical mindset that shackles you to what worked in your past and keeps you stuck where you are now.

How can you break out of your medical mindset to live the life you truly want to live?

You can have that right now.

Hi, I’m Dr. Brett Levine. 

I have been an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon for the past 27 years.  I have seen more than 135,000 patient visits and wrote the book,
How to Join, Buy or Merge a Physician's Practice, which details the beginning of my journey.

I have worked hard, achieved, struggled and succeeded through 15 years of education and training and 27 years of medical practice.

During my 40-year journey, I have ridden a roller coaster of mental, emotional and financial peaks and valleys that have made me who I am today. I have been in the wrong job in the wrong city.  I have been fired with no plan. I have been told by accountants that if I wanted to take home more money - I would need to work harder and longer. 

I have struggled to learn it all and do it all by myself on my own.  I have been lost, stuck and hopeless in the darkness of disappointment and defeat. This pain forced me to push myself out of my comfort zone and take risks. What I discovered I could never have predicted or expected.

The same mindset, skills and habits that enabled me to succeed in medicine through all my education and training and earn Magna Cum Laude in undergrad and AOA in med school and match in a top residency program…

That same mindset had been imprisoning me in handcuffs from the freedom I yearned for and the change I required

Breaking Out Of the Medical Mindset saved my life. 

Before I could change the choices I made and the actions I took, I was forced to learn to think in a different way. Expanding my mindset became the foundational truth for this platform.

Doctors are overwhelmed by their student debt while risking their lives to save patients in a pandemic and then being furloughed or fired because of the financial pressures of their hospitals and employers.  

In order to break out of this crazy experiment gone terribly bad - to jump off the hamster wheel of more work for less pay, less control and less hope - I began recording  stories and lessons that helped me survive and thrive

I learned that in order to rip off the grip of strangulation, I needed to release my own hand. I had to break out of the way I thought was safe and helped me win the game of pre-med, med school and residency.  I discovered that I needed to break free from who I was and how I thought in order to soar into the life I wanted to live. Along the way, I learned steps to improve my career, my life and even my happiness.  

I named this new paradigm: BREAKING OUT OF THE MEDICAL MINDSET!  BOOMM! 

The mission of BOOMM! is to break the ceiling of stagnation you currently slam against and help you find answers, possibilities and new ways of thinking.  

To exhale all the negativity that pollutes medicine and inhale new concepts so you can rediscover the dream when you first began the long-distance marathon of becoming a doctor and healing others. Because now, we must heal ourselves.

The ultimate catalysts to my personal and financial transformation were networks, new concepts and mastermind groups. I've read hundreds of books and spent tens of thousands of dollars on mastermind programs. Some of you may think I'm crazy, but my time and my money has returned the investment and transformed my life.

I recognize that not everyone has 5 years to read books, or wants to invest tens of thousands of dollars without knowing all of the details or if this will work for you. That is why I created the BOOMM Course.

The BOOMM Course distills my years of transformation and success into 30 easily consumable, highly actionable breakthroughs that you can implement in your life TODAY. You don't have to wait 5 years reading every book and you don't have to spend $100,000 testing programs or getting other degrees.  You don’t have to spend 30 years learning it all on your own by yourself.

The BOOMM Course is your starting point... your portal to a better future and the life you dreamed of.  It will help you identify what you want and the steps you need to take to live your dream.


The BOOMM Course 

5+ hours of video, 30 breakthrough modules, 70 downloadable tools, and so much more. 

Stop Suffering, Start Thriving

In 5+ hours, the BOOMM course turns your struggling, suffering, and stagnation into opportunity, fulfillment and transformation.  

Opportunity, fulfillment, and transformation sure sounds good - but you’re probably thinking: “How will this actually play out for me?” 

The BOOMM Course has 6 main sections.  Each at $150.00 or you can purchase the entire course at $600. 



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Each of these sections is designed to target and retrain a specific area of your medical mindset. Inside of the main sections, there are breakthroughs which provide the strategies, tools, and stories you’ll need to permanently break out of the medical mindset and move to a place of opportunity, fulfillment and transformation.

The BOOMM Course is a step by step guide that teaches healthcare professionals how to reclaim control and change their lives.

Look Inside the BOOMM Course:

The BOOMM Course

5+ hours of content

This is the complete system. This is the foundation to the transformative journey you’ve been waiting for. I’ve packaged it all together in 5-10 minute, high-quality videos. Each video is a bite-sized piece of the complete puzzle.

Here’s a quick tour through the meat of the whole course.

Our Problems

  • Healthcare worker shortage
  • Widespread exodus from medicine
  • Staffing crises
  • Insufficient support
  • Increasing regulations
  • Decreasing pay
  • Skyrocketing student debt
  • Cumbersome time-consuming electronic documentation
  • Administrative inefficiencies
  • Chronic mental and physical exhaustion

How to Achieve Freedom

  • Own your time
  • Invest your money
  • Become more than a healthcare professional
  • Live your dream 

1. How You Break out of Your Doc Box 

(3 breakthrough modules)
You begin by understanding why change is necessary, how you change and our foundational tools for change.

  • End the suffering
  • Get off the treadmill going nowhere
  • Change your thinking
  • Develop new strategies
  • Your pain wants you to change 

2. How You Travel Time and Space

(4 breakthrough modules)
Before your transformation can begin, you have to take inventory of who you are, what you want, and where you’re going. In this section, you’ll cast a vision for your future self and learn essential time optimization and space creation strategies that help turn visions into reality.

  • Take inventory on every aspect of your life
  • Create your vision for a better future
  • Write smarter goals for what you want
  • Track and measure your progress on your goals
  • Match your time with your values and goals
  • Determine your minimum dollar value for your time
  • Learn practices to create space in your life 

3. How You Disrupt Your Thinking

(8 breakthrough modules)
With the foundation for your transformation in place, this section is designed to shine a light on all areas of your medical mindset that are holding you back. Your beliefs will be challenged, your patterns will be disrupted, and the switch inside you that is yearning for real change will truly be flipped. 

  • Increase the gratitude and celebration in your day
  • Let go of control and gain freedom
  • Learn to say no so you can discover your HELL YES
  • Understand that problems force us to change
  • Set yourself free to make a mistake outside of medicine and learn
  • Ask better questions more than needing to know every answer
  • Discover all the choices you have every day
  • Welcome discomfort and face your fear for the excitement of the other side

4. How You Expand Your Self-Image

(2 breakthrough modules)
This section crashes the limitations and restraints you place on yourself because the identity of a healthcare professional is so strong that it can contaminate and suffocate every other aspect of you life. You’ll learn the critical importance of exploring all your interests and curiosities to grow who you are beyond medicine.

  • Return to your love of being a student
  • Regain your growth mindset
  • Expand who you can be beyond a healthcare professional

5. How You  Better Understand Money - The Millionaire Mission

(5 breakthrough modules)
Healthcare professionals often benefit from high salaries, but that salary is dependent on us showing up everyday. In this section, you’ll learn about tax strategies, horizontal income, investing, and the velocity of money - with each section providing the tactical and actionable tools you need to create lasting wealth.

  • Comprehend the difference between assets and liabilities
  • Understand the tax quadrants
  • Take action to lower your tax burden
  • Begin steps to empower your money to make you money
  • Take advantage of the many benefits of real estate for wealth creation
  • Learn about Cash out refi’s, 1031 exchange, REPS
  • Increase the speed of growth of your money and net worth

6. How You Optimize Your Relationships

(4 breakthrough modules)
The demands of the job puts pressure on relationships outside of work. In this section, you’ll learn about the power of leverage, team building, tribe creation, networking, and more to fully optimize the relationships in your life so the most important ones, relationships with family and loved ones, can truly thrive.

  • Understand that you are not alone and on your own
  • Utilize leverage to gain freedom and productivity
  • Delegate and collaborate more
  • Gain the value of teams in your work and life
  • Develop better skills to network
  • Benefit from expanding your tribe to match your future

New breakthrough videos are available every single week.

The BOOMM Playbook

70 Downloadable Tools

With each Unit in The BOOMM Course, you’ll also get access to the corresponding tool from the BOOMM Playbook. This is a  treasure chest of personal and financial growth tools that serve as catalysts on your transformation journey while enjoying the BOOMM Course.

The BOOMM 1.0 Unit

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The BOOMM 2.0 Unit

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The BOOMM 3.0 Unit

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The BOOMM 4.0 Unit

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The BOOMM 5.0 Unit

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The BOOMM 6.0 Unit

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The BOOMM 1.0 Course

5+ hours of content
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Our 100% Iron-Clad,
Money Back Guarantee

At this point, breaking out of the medical mindset is really a matter of

The habits and beliefs that have held us back for years will continue to rear their ugly head for decades to come unless we put a stop to it. The BOOMM Course is the antidote to the stagnation and suffering that plagues healthcare professionals and I truly believe everyone should have access to it. 

This course is nearly two decades in the making. Thousands of hours have been poured into this course so you too can break out of the medical mindset and flourish like never before. My simple ask is that you give this whole thing a try.

Watch the breakthrough videos, use the tools, leverage our network, and put some of this stuff into practice. We are so wildly confident in the value this will bring to you

If after doing that, you are not satisfied with your transformation - we will refund 100% of your payment… no questions asked.

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Your Path to Total Transformation is Here

Units 1-6 for $150 each


The BOOMM Course: $600

After this course you’ll be able to:

  • Take better control of your time
  • Set goals for your life and a vision for the future you want
  • Track metrics on your goals and financials
  • Ask better questions
  • See yourself as more than a healthcare professional
  • Save more money
  • Utilize strategies to lower your taxes
  • Create additional income streams
  • Discover opportunities for investments
  • Network and collaborate with confidence
  • Join mastermind groups with intention and results
  • Increase your cash flow and net worth
  • Pursue financial and professional freedom
  • Feel excited about your life and future

Don’t Wait Another Minute

The more you continue to let the medical mindset manifest, the more difficult it’ll be to break free of the patterns of stagnation and isolation. Break free of the medical mindset and start living a life filled with joy, happiness, and abundance and enroll in the BOOMM Course today!

Units 1-6 for $150 each


The BOOMM Course: $600

The BOOMM Unit 1.0 

1.0 Break out of the doc box – Intro to change

1.2 How you change

1.3 Why you need change

1.4 Tools for your change

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The BOOMM Unit 2.0 

2.0 Travel time and space

2.1 Take Inventory

2.2 Vision a better future

2.3 Optimize your Time 

2.4 Create Space in your life

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The BOOMM Unit 3.0

 3.0 Disrupt Your Thinking - Flip Your Switch

3.1 Celebrate Your Wins

3.2 Let go 

3.3 Choose NO

3.4 How not to avoid obstacles – the purpose of problems

3.5 Overcome your Fear of the wrong answer

3.6 Choose Questions over Orders

3.7 Claim your power

3.8 Face your Fear – the value of risk and discomfort

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The BOOMM Unit 4.0 

4.0 Expand Self-image – Clean Your Mirror

4.1 Balance your role as an Expert versus a Student

4.2 Realize you are more than a doctor

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The BOOMM Unit 5.0

5.0 Understand Money – Millionaire Mission

5.1 Discover your Meaning of Money 

5.2 Learn Tactics on Taxes 

5.3 Create Horizontal Income 

5.4 Benefit from Real Estate 

5.5 Increase the Velocity of your money 

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The BOOMM Unit 6.0 

6.0 Optimize Your Relationships – The antithesis of alone and on your own

6.1 Learn to Leverage

6.2 Turn to Teams

6.3 Expand your Network

6.4 Find your Tribe

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What people are saying about Dr. Brett Levine

“Dr. Brett Levine is a rarity in the medical industry.  Not only is he a cutting-edge practitioner who continues to grow and innovate in his field, but he also has mastered multiple other disciplines outside of his industry.  This includes real estate investing and developing a powerful mindset.  What an amazing blend of all his gifts.  BOOM mindset is a winner.” 
- Rob Aigner
“Brett instills positivity in those around him with his comforting empathetic spirit.”
- Mike T
“When Brett is presented with a random idea or a thought about something that comes up in regular conversation, he immediately runs and  takes it to the next level to see how it can be better! He is never satisfied with the status quo, and liked shaking things up, whether it may be comfortable or uncomfortable for some! His honesty about life is so refreshing.”
- Jacqueline A
“Brett has unwavering intellectual curiosity, unsparing self-honesty, which allows you to assess honestly, and a willingness to explore and support the unconventional when warranted.”
- Kevin G
“When Brett decides he is going to do something, he just commits to it and gets it done. Most others get distracted and lose focus but Brett just plows through and delivers and always approaches his daily life with positivity and a commitment to excellence.”
- Saranne R
“Brett is very creative, detail-oriented, and great at long-term planning. He’s willing to put in the work, and fulfill his vision for long-term success. He is patient, compassionate, practical and has a broad interest in other people and loves to learn.”
- Noreen W
“Brett has the unique ability to blend both his critical thinking as a surgeon with the ability to have an open mind to create a successful path in his own life of health, wealth, love and happiness. I encourage you to lean in to what he is offering through his own story to help in your own personal and professional development.”
- James A
“I first came to know Brett through a mutual network we are part of outside the medical community. I knew instantly that Brett is passionate about helping doctors achieve a life of fulfillment through financial education to help enhance their mindset of what financial freedom really means. Any medical professional that is looking to help elevate their lives to help serve their patients, families and colleagues should check out his BOOMM course!”
- Matthew G


Do you still want to be in the same place a year from now?

What if a year from now you thought differently? What if you knew how to add passive income to your life? What if you understood you don’t need to do everything all alone, by yourself? 

What if you stepped into a world of opportunity, fulfillment, and transformation?

Would you still be at your same job? Would you be pursuing your other endeavors? Would you be better off financially?

The medical mindset has its hands wrapped around the necks of the majority of healthcare professionals, crippling their creative abilities to think freely and create change for themselves.

Before you could change the choices you make and the actions you take, you must start to THINK in a different way. 

Eight years ago, I made the decision to change. And every single day since - I have walked the path toward the life I truly want to live. 

And now, you can too.