Do You Stop and Smell the Roses?

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Do you stop and smell the roses? 

January 23rd , 2023 Written by Brett Levine MD


As focused and driven high achievers,

It is very easy to end a year and 

Begin another year 

Setting new goals for bigger accomplishments and more progress.

Now after I have Broken Out of my Medical Mindset,

I am proud of something I never did when I was lost in my medical mindset …


Before setting my next year’s goals


and smell the roses.

I review my goals and dreams from last year.

Not only to be accountable, 

But more importantly,

To celebrate what I have accomplished and grow my gratitude.


At Breaking Out of the Medical Mindset:


We are proud to have reliably provided you with a post of value for 52 weeks of 2022

With new ways of thinking and acting that are different from our institutionalized medical mindset.


We have offered you live zoom calls with: 

the mastermind group, Gobundance []  

as well as the operators, 

Quantum Capital []


Reef. Capital Partners []


In our first year, 

we have grown to over 6,000 physicians, 

dentists, therapists, nurses, physician assistants, and healthcare workers.


For those of you who have joined our community and platform throughout 2022

And missed any earlier posts,

The content remains current and valuable.


If you would like to read posts you missed from 2022,

We are offering them weekly on Wednesdays for FREE,

Click here to receive the 2022 content for FREE

And receive 2x the BOOMM content 


To help you 

Break the chain of being stuck and more of the same

And set yourself free with different thinking and actions for your future!


Happy New Year from BOOMM!  


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