Do you feel alone in your struggles?

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I succeeded in medical training because I was self-motivated, goal-oriented, driven, and pushed independently through fierce competition on my own.  That powerful mindset bulldozes me alone through any obstacle course to achieve what I want.


That same independent competitive mindset isolated me in my clinical practice, forcing me to pursue expertise in every area I needed to excel: business, human resources, staff management, negotiation, marketing, quickbooks, and taxes.


Until I realized that I was stuck in my own insane asylum hearing nothing but the echoes of my own thoughts, limiting beliefs and narrow ideas.  It took me years to learn to share vulnerability and get comfortable with taking risks outside of medicine and making mistakes in order to stretch.  


I now know that there is another way.



Through networks and mastermind groups, I found other physicians and entrepreneurs open to discuss our truths and challenges with a similar goal of a better future.  Through relationships, I discovered support, connections and communities to fill the void and light the fire.  


I learned and now realize that I do not have to figure this all out on my own.  There is a fear and stigma in medicine with anyone knowing that I as a doctor don’t have all the answers.  Or I need help


Dean Ornis says: People who are lonely and depressed are 3-10x more likely to get sick and die prematurely when compared to those who have a sense of love, connection, and community.  Even Doctors!


We all know that medicine can feel alone.


Ryan Moran says it well:  

There is a big lie that I am on my own.  


Ryan Moran is right.  

It is a lie.

I am not alone.  WE are not alone.


I chose medicine because I am fascinated by people.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, I came to value human connection more than ever.  


I remember the days of phones that connected to the wall, writing letters, and photos which I couldn't see until I waited for a week to get them developed. I am now grateful for Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook and Instagram to keep us connected so much faster and easier.



I enjoy the support I feel on my weekly zoom calls with the doctors in my mastermind group, with my friends, on the webinars from other surgeons in my specialty and with the entrepreneurs in my mastermind groups.


Ask yourself:

Which network can help you grow where you want to grow?

I discuss networks and tribes in modules 6.3 and 6.4 of the BOOMM course.

In those networks and tribes, you can ask:

Who do you know that I need to know?


I aspire that this platform is a reminder and representation of one vital key: Our lives thrive on our relationships and connections.

We are all better for knowing each other.  

We are not alone.



When we share our support, we are happier, stronger and healthier for it.  Even if we cannot physically be together, in one way or another we can connect and share.  

We are all in this together.


I am stronger, smarter and better for sharing, listening and engaging with others. 


No matter what my administrators say

No matter what my hospital makes me feel

No matter what the insurance companies pay

No matter what my government mandates…

I know that I matter.

I know YOU matter.

I am not alone.  

You are not alone.

We want BOOMM to be your life preserver if you feel like you are drowning.  

We will deliver you new ideas that are different from what we all learned (or didn’t) during our pursuit of a degree and career but Breaking out of the Medical Mindset wants you to love your life.

Are you ready to no longer be alone on your own?


The BOOMM 1.0 Course delivers you modules on leveraging your network, maximizng your potential, and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Check it out here! 

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