Do you feel overwhelmed?

balance change course imformation overwhelm Jan 30, 2023

Do you feel overwhelmed?
January 30, 2023   Written by Brett Levine MD


Nonstop patients

Endless EMR messages

Prior auths

Peer to peer calls

Medication refills

CME credits

On call

And this is only work.

I have an endless list of emails to check. 

I have more podcasts that download to my phone than I could ever possibly listen to in a week.  

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn 

We live in an age of information overload.  

Sometimes my brain is tired from the constant assault.

Tennis, meditation, sleep and friends is how I recharge and restart.

I have been negligent in responding to some BOOMM reader emails for which I apologize.

Like all of you, I must balance my medical practice, patients and surgeries with BOOMM and my family, health, masterminds, friends and investments.  

I also set new goals for the new year.

In 2023, you will receive a consistent response to your replies, comments and feedback within a week.  


Life is a lot to balance.  

For all of us.

But one of the tenets of BOOMM is to set goals and visions for the future and make choices accordingly.

It is intentional that BOOMM posts are not encyclopedic, lengthy or daily.

It is a conscious choice that our zoom calls are kept to 1 hour to respect your time and attention.



Last year, I took an excellent online course on Multifamily Syndications from a strategic partner BOOMM will introduce in the future.  I spent 11 hours over 3 months watching videos, taking notes and recording questions.  I learned a lot I did not know but I also had an epiphany.  


I valued the content but the time commitment was overwhelming.

When we created the BOOMM 1.0 Course, my medical mindset wanted to share as much comprehensive value as we could offer you.  


We provided you videos, book recommendations, playbook worksheets and action steps for change.

I have learned these epiphanies over more than 10 years and each of the 6 units could be a course in itself.


In 2023, we will not want to overwhelm you.


Instead, we will offer you the option of purchasing any of the 6 units of the BOOMM 1.0 Course individually. 

This will provide you a choice of where you want to start and how far you want to go.



Whether your focus and start is:

  • Why and how you need to change in Unit 1
  • What you want, who you want to be and how to create time and space in your life in  Unit 2
  • How to disrupt your habits and learn strategies to change your thinking and actions in Unit 3.
  • How to expand who you see yourself as in Unit 4
  • What money means to you and strategies to grow your money in Unit 5
  • How to create and expand relationships that improve your life in Unit 6

Access BOOMM 1.0 Course


Whatever you choose, BOOMM is here to help you break out of more of the same and expand your mind and life to bring you the fulfillment, excitement and growth you deserve.

Happy New Year from BOOMM!


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