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In the last post, I discussed our culture of medicine, 

Which empowers us with a medical mindset that 

we learn from those that surround us for more than a decade of education and training.  


That medical mindset

helped us excel and succeed 

to develop an expertise, a career and a steady income.  


BUT that mindset also becomes so powerful that 

we do not even realize it has saturated our thoughts and lives to hypnotize us into a medical trance. 



Proximity is defined as nearness in space, time and relationship.  


The people we spend the most time within our lives have more influence in our lives than we realize.  


Similar to the balance of nature versus nurture, there exist 2 means in which people surround us.  


We naturally receive these proximity influences through our family, geography and chosen profession as we passively learn.  



But every day, we have the opportunity to consciously and intentionally make a choice of what influences we want and need to create our future.


Here are 8 Powers of Proximity that are opportunities for your choice and change to help you Break Out of Your Medical Mindset.

  1. AWARENESS.  With mastermind groups and networking outside of healthcare, I discovered a world of thinking and living that was disparate from my medical world.  I pulled back a curtain and discovered people who lived so differently from myself.  They were freer and happier.  They were not limited by all the rules of my medical mindset. 

  2. INFORMATION.  I read books outside of medicine and my specialty.  I listen to podcasts and watch videos on topics outside of healthcare.  Over time, I have learned that I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  And I didn’t know a lot.  I welcomed my eternal student to never stop learning.

  3. CONNECTIONS.  Networking with others outside of medicine has connected me to a different world.  New exercises to challenge my thinking and habits.  New metrics to measure my goals.  New strategies to lower taxes.  New deals to invest in.  New vacations to experience.  New support to free up my life. 

  4. QUESTIONS.  I began asking myself different questions than I do in medicine.
    Is this worth my time?
    Who can I delegate this to?
    What control can I relinquish to gain freedom?
    What is my money doing for me?
    Is this a Hell Yes or a No?
    I also began approaching my kids and staff with better questions. 

  5. GOALS.  With accountability groups that I could trust and be vulnerable, I heard new goals and set new ones for me self.
    a. Increasing my horizontal or passive income. 
    b. Increasing my days off work each year. 
    c. Learning how to use leverage. 
    d. Decreasing my tax burden. 
    e. New experiences for me and my family. 

  6. GROWTH.  Not only did these new relationships and friendships expand my financial world and opportunities, they expanded every fiber of my life as medicine has done for 40 years.  I have learned how to become a better husband and father.  I have been exposed to other strategies as an owner and leader in my practice.  I see problems as challenges rather than obstacles.

  7. OPPORTUNITIES.  New friends and connections have taken my family to Mexico to build a home for those less fortunate.  They have exposed my children to jobs, influences and opportunities outside of my world in healthcare.  They have supported my wife’s career as a real estate agent and in managing our rental properties.  They have expanded our world beyond the small community around us.

  8. MINDSET.  Proximity to people outside of healthcare on a daily basis has allowed me to balance the scarcity and fear based medical mindset with one that is growth based and limitless.  I embrace change.  I intentionally set goals for all aspects of my life including my own physical and mental well-being, my relationships as well as my financial growth and my life experiences.  I trust my truth and share my vulnerability with those I can trust.  I no longer fear failure or avoid obstacles because I do not know the entire path to the destination.  I know that failure is fuel to learn and become better.  It is necessary for transformation.


In our blessed lives, we have so much more choice than we ever exert.  


It is so easy for us to repeat what we know with who we know.  

Over and over again.  

Which is beautiful if you love your days and want more of the same.  


For those of us who want something different, more of the same can turn into a treadmill going nowhere.  


For those of us who want to break out of our current mindset and expand our lives, the people that we spend the most time within our proximity is easy and passive but can also be conscious and intentional.  


Every day and every moment, you have a choice in who you surround yourself with, who you listen to, who you make plans with and who you identify as your future.  


Choose your friends and partners wisely.  


These powerful decision can not only expand every sphere of our lives but also redirect our future to somewhere different from where we stand.  


That is the power of proximity.

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